Michelin Tyres
      Lighter than the previous range for easier and quicker handling. More flexible casing than the previous range - Improved raction in a straight line and better grip, at higher lean angles in corners - Allows riding with higher inflation pressures (>=1bar and up to 1,2bar) to avoid unseating the tyre off the rim or pinch shocks to tubes without sacrificing grip or comfort - No running-in needed, thanks to the soft casing, MICHELIN StarCross 5 delivers maximum performance from the moment you take off - Easier fitting - The combination of the new casing and aggressive tread pattern offers maximum grip for steering at the front and traction at the rear



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MX16-MICH11918in 100-100 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£87.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12018in 100-100 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£87.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12218in 110-100 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12318in 110-100 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12818in 120-90 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12918in 120-90 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13519in 100-90 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£82.29 (Each)
MX16-MICH13619in 100-90 STARCROSS 5 SAND£82.29 (Each)
MX16-MICH13719in 100-90 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£82.29 (Each)
MX16-MICH13919in 110-90 STARCROSS 5 HARD£86.93 (Each)
MX16-MICH14019in 110-90 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£86.93 (Each)
MX16-MICH14119in 110-90 STARCROSS 5 SAND£86.93 (Each)
MX16-MICH14219in 110-90 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£86.93 (Each)
MX16-MICH14319in 120-80 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH14419in 120-80 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£89.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH14519in 120-80 STARCROSS S12 XC SOFT£67.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH14619in 130-70 STARCROSS S12 XC SOFT£78.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH15021in 80-100 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£72.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH15121in 80-100 STARCROSS 5 SAND£72.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH15221in 80-100 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£72.41 (Each)
MX16-MICH15421in 90-100 STARCROSS 5 HARD£72.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH15521in 90-100 STARCROSS 5 MEDIUM£72.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH15621in 90-100 STARCROSS 5 SOFT£72.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH16021in 90-90 STARCROSS S12 XC SOFT£67.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH107100-100 120-80 130-80 x 18in Ultra HD tube£24.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH10610in x 2.75 Rear Tyre£29.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH112120-90 140-80 x 18in Ultra HD tube£24.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH11012in 80-100 MS3 Rear Tyre£49.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH113130-80 110-100 100-100 140-80 120-90 x 18in Rear Heavy Duty£15.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH11514in 90-100 MS2 Rear Tyre£62.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH11616in 90-100 MS3 Rear Tyre£69.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH11818in 100-100 AC10 Rear Tyre£64.00 (Each)
MX16-MICH12118in 110-100 AC10 Rear Tyre£65.00 (Each)
MX16-MICH12418in 120-100 Trial Light Rear Tyre£119.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12518in 120-90 AC10 Rear Tyre£66.00 (Each)
MX16-MICH12618in 120-90 Comp III Rear Tyre£79.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH12718in 120-90 S12 XC Rear Tyre£64.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13018in 130-80 S12XC Rear Tyre£65.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13118in 140-80 Comp III Rear Tyre£82.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13218in 140-80 S12XC Rear Tyre£66.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13318in X 4.00 Trial X11 Rear Tyre£109.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH13419in 100-90 AC10 Rear Tyre£60.50 (Each)
MX16-MICH13819in 110-90 AC10 Rear Tyre£61.50 (Each)
MX16-MICH164BIB MOUSSE 18in 140-80 REAR M14£134.95 (Each)
MX16-MICH165BIB MOUSSE 19in 110-90 REAR M199£134.95 (Each)
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