AS Micro Fuel Immersable

A new evolution of our existing MicroLite connector, which is able to withstand racing fuel. The connector is ideally suited to fuel tank applications and has been developed specifically for the demanding motorsport environment. Having upgraded the hermetic version and including an in-line receptacle, all internal fuel tank requirements should be catered for. Deutsch´┐Żs dedicated Autosport Division is available to help with individual requirements.
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MC03-ASL006-05PN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) Bulkhead RECP PIN &RED KeyFUEL IMME£33.91 (Each)
MC03-ASL006-05SN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) Bulkhead RECP SKT &RED KeyFUEL IMME£43.40 (Each)
MC03-ASL606-05SN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) Free Plug SKT &RED KeyFUEL IMMERSAB£41.84 (Each)
MC03-ASL606-05PN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) Free Plug PIN &RED KeyFUEL IMMERSAB£34.03 (Each)
MC03-ASL106-05PN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) RECP PIN &RED KeyFUEL IMMERSABLE£29.94 (Each)
MC03-ASL106-05SN-HE-952K5Way AS Micro Lite (ASL) RECP SKT &RED KeyFUEL IMMERSABLE£37.77 (Each)
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