Deutsch Autosport 24-30g De-pinning Tool (Plastic)

Product Code: MC70-390004
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All Deutsch Autosport connectors are supplied with the relevant insertion/extraction tool. It is essential that the correct undamaged tool is used when inserting contacts into the connector. The tools are manufactured from a flexible plastic that will bend before causing any damage to the rear rubber of the connector.

In order to avoid damage to the connector, it is advisable to only use the insertion/extraction tool that was supplied with the connector. The image at the top of this page shows a variety of insertion/extraction tools used on a number of different connector ranges.

When a tool has been used to insert the contacts into a connector, it is recommended that a new tool is used for the next connector. When a tool has become worn or if it has been rotated during the insertion of a contact then parts of the tool can break off inside the contact cavity. This can permanently damage the retention tines thus rendering the connector useless.
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All prices exclude tax (VAT) and shipping

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