Two-part epoxy resin adhesive 50mg Tube

Product Code: MC501-3V9500DP
£41.62 (Each)
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This high performance, VG-approved, two part epoxy adhesive has been developed to meet the militairy requirements associated with heat shrinkable components for wire and cable harnesses. It has a very good resistance against most solvents and fuels, even at elevated temperatures. The two-part epoxy adhesive is available in two different packages. When heat is applied during the shrinking of the moulded shape the two part components react, which results in a high performance bond.

  • Black Epoxy Resin
  • Curing Temperature 135DegC
  • Curing Time 24hrs at 25DegC or 2hrs at 85DegC
  • Opperating Temperature -75DegC to 150DegC
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All prices exclude tax (VAT) and shipping

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