Autosport Connector Filler Plugs for 20g Pins

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    Filler plugs are designed to ensure the sealing capabilities of the connector are not affected when a cavity is left unwired. The following procedure should be used to ensure that the filler plug is properly secured in the contact cavity, optimum sealing is maintained and no damage can be caused to the connector, thereby affecting sealing.

      1. In an unwired cavity a contact must be inserted before inserting a filler plug. This is to ensure the front face sealing integrity is maintained. The contact supports the seal, ensuring it is under compression when the connector is mated.
        2. The filler plug must be inserted head first into the rear of the connector. The head fits snugly in the contact cavity ensuring that the filler plug cannot be vibrated out of the connector and that lateral movement is minimised.
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All prices exclude tax (VAT) and shipping

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