5Way AS Micro Ultra Lite ASU Bulkhead RECP PIN &RED Key

Product Code: MC03-ASU003-05PN-HE
£27.79 (Each)
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The Deutsch Autosport AS UltraLite HE connector is a 5-way connector offers teams the smallest, lightest package for 5 wires. The Deutsch Autosport AS Micro UltraLite HE 3-way is the shortest, lightest AS connector for three wires and offers a solution where space is at its most restrictive.

  • 5-Way Autosport UltraLite (ASU) Series Connector
  • Body Style 0 (2 hole flanged receptacle) With Pins
  • Shell Size 3, Contact Arrangement 03-05
  • N Keyway-Red Band
  • 5x 24awg Pins (Accepts 30,28,26,24awg Wire) Max 3.0A
  • For Replacement Contacts Use Part Number MC05-860570531-P
  • Connector Overall Dimensions (Excluding Boot) Length 18x21mm
  • Includes connector body, contacts & Insert/Extract Tool

    See below for Mating Connectors, boots, spare contacts and tooling;
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All prices exclude tax (VAT) and shipping

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