6Way Autosport AS Sz7 Style35 RECP PIN Red Key

Product Code: MC03-AS107-35PN
£35.22 (Each)
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The Deutsch Autosport AS SERIES connector was developed from the MIL-C-38999 Series 1.5 (Eurofighter connector), the AS Series was the first range of high specification connectors designed specifically for the autosport market. The AS Series offers weight and space saving over standard military designs and is available in a wide variety of options, with medium and high density arrangements, up to 128 ways,4 shell styles, and 5 keyway orientations.

  • 6-Way Autosport AS Series Connector
  • Body Style 1 (Inline receptacle) With Pins
  • Shell Size 7, Contact Arrangement 07-35
  • N Keyway-Red Band
  • 6x 22awg Pins (Accepts 26,24,22awg Wire) Max 5.0A
  • For Replacement Contacts Use Part Number MC05-83894122-P
  • Connector Overall Dimensions (Excluding Boot) Length 24x12mm
  • Includes connector body, contacts & Insert/Extract Tool

    See below for Mating Connectors, boots, spare contacts and tooling;
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All prices exclude tax (VAT) and shipping

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